What Can I Expect?

one-to-one nursing care during labor and birth

The Holistic Birthing Center/Program involves a holistic approach to the birth process. This Program is designed to provide a safe and satisfying experience that includes education, participation and follow-up. In most instances, the Holistic Birthing Center/Program involves expectant mothers who have an uncomplicated medical and obstetrical history, have a pregnancy that is proceeding normally, and have agreed to assume the added responsibilities that go along with "alternative birth settings." The Program involves mothers who are ready for giving birth when the gestational age of the baby is 37 weeks or older, and less than 42 weeks with no other high risk factors present.

The Program requires:

  • Expectant mothers to agree to abide by all of its policies, including the educational components and postpartum follow-up.
  • Expectant mothers to agree to take responsibility for the medical care of the newborn, including arranging for a physical of their baby prior to discharge and arranging for follow-up with the pediatrician or family physician for an examination of the baby following discharge.

The features of the Holistic Birthing Center include the following:

  • Participation in the educational components of the program.
  • Education/orientation as to the philosophy of the program.
  • Education of the mother and partner/support person regarding labor and birth.
  • Education on the care of the newborn after birth.
  • Involves one-to-one nursing care during labor and birth.
  • Use of alternative pain management techniques such as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage and .use of music with IPOD/CD available.
  • May include administration of IV antibiotics for mother's that test positive for Beta Strep.
  • Option to utilize Nubain (analgesic) for pain management upon request.
  • Rooming in/no separation of mother and baby.
  • The stay of mother and baby at the center can be for no more than 12-18 hours; after this time there may be a transfer to another birthing suite on the unit for postpartum care.

The Holistic Birthing Center/Program DOES NOT include:

  • Routine intervention into the process of labor.
  • General and/or regional (epidural) anesthesia.
  • Artificial stimulation of labor with pitocin.
  • Routine use of continuous electronic fetal monitoring.

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